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Immerse Yourself in Healthy Living on The Island of Curacao

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

From world famous marathons to high-profile yoga festivals there’s a never ending supply of physical and mental wellness events and practices to engage with in the U.S.

But, this healthy living movement isn’t just happening in the U.S., it’s all over the world! Having been a coveted place to retreat to for a bit of mind, body and spirit rejuvenation, it’s no surprise that the Caribbean is following (or shall we say, leading) in the health and wellness trends of society.

With the cold weather setting in soon and travel picking back up, it might just be time to plan your next tropical getaway. Let’s take a closer look at the health and wellness offerings of one small slice of Caribbean paradise – the island of Curaçao.

Reach New Heights

One simple aspect of Curaçao is it’s hiking. It’s simple in that there aren’t many hikes, but the few hikes there are, are exceptional. By far the most rigorous hike also features the most spectacular views – the hike to the top of Mt. Christoffel.

Deep Blue Sea

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortOne of the main reasons people travel to the Caribbean in the first place – the Caribbean sea. Few things are quite as satisfying and incredible as swimming in the sparkling turquoise waters of the sea. Submerging in the depths of the water helps bring the mind to the present moment.

Swimming along the coasts of Curaçao is truly a mind, body and spiritual experience. A few of our favorite swimming spots include:

  • Klein Knip – Incredible turquoise blue water, calm and protected lagoon, very few people.
  • Cas Abao – Calm, expansive sandy area, plenty of picturesque palm trees, and generally beautiful all around.
  • Santa Barbara Beach – Pristine white-sand, plenty of lounge chairs and views of passing sailboats. Protected lagoon for swimming and beachside service from nearby Splash restaurant.

Diverse Yoga Offerings

Surrounded by such beautiful scenery, Curaçao is an extraordinary place to practice yoga. Throughout your stay you will discover plenty of yoga options. Everything from yoga studios to yoga gatherings on the beach, and Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort offers yoga classes at the resort. Needless to say, yoga is waiting for you.

Well-Deserved Nourishment

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortWhat could possibly be better than simply being on an idyllic Caribbean island? Being pampered at a spa on that very same idyllic Caribbean island. Curaçao has no shortage of spas. There are spas that stand out among the rest for offering state-of-the-art packages and treatments, including Santa Barbara’s own, Atabei Spa, featuring treatments inspired by native Arawak traditions, using locally sourced organic ingredients.

Run Your Heart Out

There are plentiful places to run on Curaçao. Run along the beach, jog through historic Willemstad, or even pound your way alongside the beautiful floating market. If you’re looking for a resort-style vacation, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is situated on 2,000 acres of beautiful island land and features miles of jogging trails, coastal and otherwise.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortIf running a marathon in the Caribbean is on your bucket list, then get ready for the KLM Curaçao Marathon happening on November 27th. The marathon (or half marathon) will take you along the waterfront of Curaçao across the “swinging old lady,” the famous Queen Emma pontoon bridge, and even over one of the highest bridges in the world, the Juliana Bridge at 185 feet above sea level. It’s an epic marathon, one you don’t want to miss!

To help you prepare for the epic marathon event, Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort has a special marathon prep package.

Dive deeper into your physical fitness, push your mental stamina through a marathon or calm your mental state with a peaceful swim. Center the mind, body and spirit in a blissful island yoga class. There are endless possibilities to bask in the glory of health and wellness on Curacao, and we hope you discover the methods that resonate with you best!

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