Good Stuff Series: Scuba Diving Certification

Heading off to the Caribbean for a vacation is an incredible experience regardless of what you do. One of the benefits of visiting the Caribbean is getting to experience the myriad of available adventures. Many people visit our little island, Curacao, to relax beachside for a week, without even realizing what else is available. There’s so much “good stuff” to do, see, and experience in Curacao and we want to bring your awareness to as much of it as possible!


Santa Barbara. California or Caribbean? Here’s What You Need to Know

This is the story of Santa Barbara. No, not Santa Barbara, California. Rather, Santa Barbara Resort, Curacao. Curacao’s Santa Barbara has many similarities to California’s Santa Barbara, and we’re going to paint a picture that captures the many similarities while distinguishing the Caribbean’s version.  A paradise resort that is a destination of its own.


Curacao is the Premier Golf Destination, Here’s Why

There’s playing golf, and then there’s playing golf in the Caribbean. Few places in the world are as idyllic for golf as the Caribbean, and within the Caribbean, few islands compare to Curacao. If you have yet to visit the Caribbean to play golf, allow us to illuminate further what you can expect to enjoy while here.

Weddings & Honeymoons

Brides Here’s a Quick Guide To Preparing Mind, Body, and Spirit Before The Big Day

When it comes to getting married, there’s a lot of focus on making sure all of the logistics are in place. Logistics are important, but so are you! The bride! Sometimes, the well-being of the bride gets overlooked. Not overlooked in the traditional sense, after all, everyone can’t wait to LOOK at you as you walk down the aisle. What we mean to say is that the brides are often so busy ensuring everything and everyone else is taken care of prior to the big day, they forget to prioritize their own wellness.

Inspiration, Lifestyle

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is Leading the Way on Sustainability on Curacao

More people and organizations, than ever before, are rallying together to make moves to help mitigate the damage happening to the planet. With new data continually being accumulated on the adverse effects of human waste and pollution, the momentum to clean up our act, literally and figuratively, is going strong.

Flavor Of

Curacao’s Carnival is a Whopping Two Months Long This Year, Here’s What’s Happening

More often than not Carnival is associated with Brazil, but believe it or not, Carnival celebrations happen throughout the Caribbean. One of the largest celebrations within the Caribbean takes place on the small, remote island of Curacao. Carnival is an annual celebration, and this year there are a few additions and changes we want to share with you!