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Attract Top Talent When Your Annual Corporate Events Are at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

attract top talent

An organization is only as good as its weakest link, as the saying goes. With that in mind, the end of the year is an opportune time to brainstorm how to attract the top talent to your organization in 2018.

Finding innovative, passionate, hard-working and dedicated individuals is no easy task. Especially if your industry is ripe with competition. One of the best ways to attract top talent is to be a top organization to work for. How does an organization become a top choice? There may not be any single way, but one method we’re familiar with is corporate events.

Want to Attract Top Talent? Here’s How

A corporate event can be a chance to say thank you to your team, to foster creativity, to strengthen the bond of your company, and much more! Recently we spoke with our very own Danielle Dunfee, the Global Director of Sales here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort in Curaçao. According to Danielle, there are many insightful considerations to make when planning corporate events with the goal to attract and retain, top talent.

Incentive Trips Should be to Off-The-Beaten Track Destinations

If you want to incentivize with a trip, it should be to a NEW destination that the attendees/winners haven’t visited in the past for a destination wedding or spring break trip in college. Curaçao is just that! We’re the “enemy of ordinary” – that’s a quote from our Vice President of Sales, Tom Faust, meaning not your mass-market destination, off the beaten path.

Choose a Venue That Caters to All Generations

Know your attendees. For the first time since industrialization, companies are now faced with a larger generation exiting the workforce than entering. As the Baby Boomers retire, Generation X is not large enough to replace them, and here we have the enigmas, the Millennials. Structural change to the workforce itself has helped drive employee rewards and recognition to center stage. CEOs and senior leaders must strategize to retain as many top-performing Boomers for as long as possible, while simultaneously “training up” Millennials at a much faster rate than previous generations.

When planning a corporate getaway, choose a venue that caters to the needs and desires of all the generations within your company. Santa Barbara caters to BOTH generations. The boomers want a vacation featuring R&R – beach, spa, golf, a sunset sail, a historic island tour, culture – we have that!  The millennials are looking for experiential travels – foodie tours, hard adventure (think: biking, hiking, kite surfing, stand-up paddleboard yoga, etc.), culture, nightlife – we have that too!

A Meeting They Won’t Want to Adjourn >>

Understand What Millennials Want

Generation X makes up 54 million 38-50 year-olds. Millennials make up 83 million 19-37 year-olds.  Studies show that experiential rewards are far more impactful for Millennials than cash and other tangible incentives. They prefer for face-to-face encounters and have strong desires to travel.

Experiences are the “new luxury.” We know that travel and experiences beat out cash on average as a desired large award. Millennials are redefining what “luxury” means.  Their luxury is not their grandparents’ luxury. They no longer look for “prestige” and “social status” to signify a luxury  appeal—they want “authenticity, distinctiveness, and social value.”  These are all qualities that define Santa Barbara and Curaçao.

Why Choose Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort For Your Corporate Getaway?

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Climate – do I need to say more? No rain back-up needed. Temperatures vary a whole three degrees all year.  The trade winds constantly blow 15-20 knots making those 80-degree temperatures blissful. Curaçao is also conveniently BELOW the hurricane belt while still being in the idyllic Caribbean.

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Our meeting services and convention team are AMAZING.  They are trendy, flexible, hard workers, professional, and enthusiastic. I’ve never had a bad review from a group on our team. There are ample dine-around options for a group. Whether you wish to dine on our property or on the island, there are tons of options! Lastly, the airport arrival experience is incredible. We have a brand new airport and e-card arrival, which is like a global entry. No lines!

Thank you, Danielle! As we mentioned, there’s no “one” or “best” way to become a top company to work for to ultimately attract top talent. But, there are countless ways every company can strive to become better and more appealing! One such way is offering inventive trips and exotic corporate getaways. Keep in mind Danielle’s tips and book your next corporate meeting in Curaçao!

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