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5 Unexpected Adventures You Can’t Miss in Curacao

Situated in the southern Caribbean, part of the ABC islands, and safely beneath the hurricane belt, Curacao is a Caribbean paradise ideal for a summer vacation.

From a quick glance, it may appear that Curacao offers the standard Caribbean experience – beautiful beaches, water fun, eclectic cuisine, relaxing resorts, etc. Curacao does feature all of those things, but unbeknownst to many is that Curacao is an island filled with unique, odd, and even totally unexpected adventures!

Adventure in Curacao – Your Summer To-Do List

Curacao in the summer is absolute paradise for all the expected reasons and quite a few unexpected ones. The island’s combination of landscapes, cultural influences and weather have resulted in its fascinating array of unexpected adventures. These adventures include:

Snorkeling in the Blue Room

Imagine a cave, completely illuminated in a deep blue light. This is Curacao’s, blue room! A snorkel trip for all levels, the cave is easily explored by snorkeling through a narrow opening which leads into a large, air filled chamber. The beautiful blue light is awe-inspiring, and if you’re lucky you may also see glassy-eyed sweepers, lobster, silversides, or fruit bats!

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Tackling The High Seas to Enjoy an Untouched Slice of Paradise

adventure in curacao
Klein Curacao

No Curacao adventure list is ever complete without mentioning a trip to Klein Curacao, aka Little Curacao. A tiny, uninhabited island a few miles southeast of Curacao, Klein Curacao requires a 90-minute, exhilarating catamaran ride to reach. Is it worth it? That’s entirely up to you! Those brave enough to set out on a Klein adventure will be treated to a pristine beach, an eerie abandoned lighthouse, a shipwreck, and an abundance of sea life. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Exploring the Culture and Colors of Pietermaai

Part of Curacao’s historic capital, Willemstad, Pietermaai is where Curacao’s historic elite resided. Today the historic Pietermaai District is incredibly colorful and vibrant, thanks to the massive makeover the neighborhood began receiving back in 2000. Today visitors can enjoy the small shops, bars, restaurants, and history. A neighborhood quite unlike any other, Pietermaai has all sorts of adventures waiting for eager explorers. The oldest house in the area dates back to 1747!

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Learning the Magic of Natural Healing From The Famous Dinah Veeris

adventure in curacao
Dinah Veeris

Curious how to remedy an upset stomach using only natural herbs? Want to learn how to increase your energy from drinking home-made tea? Curacao is home to the world-renowned herbalist, Dinah Veeris. Dinah has created her own herb garden, which is known as Den Paradera and is home to over 300 plants and herbs from all over the world. Dinah herself is a physician and has traveled around the globe to learn from as many cultures, tribes, physicians, and healers as possible. You can visit her garden, peruse her all-natural handmade goods, and maybe even meet her! Visit her website for more information.

Visiting a Sand-Floor Synagogue

Two things make the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue on Curacao fascinating – 1. It has a sand floor and 2. It’s the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas. Completed in 1732, the synagogue was created by Spanish and Portuguese Jews from Europe and Brazil. It is said that the sand floor represents the need to practice Judaism in secret and silence, as many Jews had to during times of persecution. You can visit the synagogue any weekday. To learn more about the synagogue consider taking a tour!

There’s no end to the adventures to be had on Curacao, expected and unexpected. These five will send you all over the island by land, sea, and even into a cave! Curacao’s culture is as layered and varied as its landscapes, both of which we hope you get a chance to experience first-hand.

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