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A Menu So Delicious, You May Just Have to Plan a Trip to Curacao

what to eat in curacao

Few things bring more joy and nourishment than food, and no matter where in the world you go, cuisine is always a main focus in every culture. The cuisine culture here on the island is a fascinating one, with a variety of influences mixed in, mainly including Dutch and Creole.

What to Eat in Curacao

Though there are many delectable places to eat on the island, few compare to the incredible Medi Restaurant at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. This is because of the wildly talented team responsible for the menu curation and execution at Shore, spearheaded by Executive Chef Chris Hrybiniak.

Shore is undergoing a few menu changes, and to keep your tastebuds well-informed, we’ve spoken with Chris to get the inside scoop.

what to eat in curacao

Chris, will there be any new dishes appearing on the menu?

“Yes, there are a few. Fried ceviche, chicken & corn pancake with spicy honey, octopus carpaccio, and grilled beef tartar.”

Will you be incorporating unusual or less-well-known ingredients?

“For the most part, the menu items are recognizable. We do use pika, a hot chili grown locally, salty fingers, which are a type of seaweed, and pastechi which is a local recipe used to make a dough.”

what to eat in curacao Red Snapper in Market

What role does Curacao cuisine play on the new menu?

“The flavors of curacao play a big role on the menu. We have multiple dining options at the resort, and the Shore menu is where we showcase the flavors of the Caribbean. You will be able to try locally caught fish, greens and herbs grown on the island, local chilis flavor the ceviche and comfort food is represented in the short rib pastechi.”

Are any of the dishes traditional island fare?

“The seafood stew and the open face pastechi are twists on some island favorites.”

Which dishes do you recommend guests try?

“I really enjoy seafood, so I recommend the fried ceviche and the red snapper with potato spring rolls and plantain cream.”

Who all took part in creating this new menu?

“The new menu was championed by our Executive Sous Chef Heinrich Hortencia.”

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what to eat in curacao

Considering you live and work on an island, what is the process of sourcing ingredients?

“Sourcing ingredients on the island can be a challenge at times, yet we do have the floating market which brings in produce and products from South America. We do our best to use only the highest quality ingredients, locally grown when possible, and all with a heavy influence of Caribbean flavors.”

Well, we certainly can’t wait to taste everything once the menu is finalized! Thank you, Chris, for sharing all of this delicious information with us, we look forward to saying hi at Shore, soon! To peruse the menus at Shore, visit here.

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