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6 Odd, But Useful, Tips to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

plan your honeymoon

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, there’s plenty of the same old tips floating around the internet. Today, though, we’d rather share some considerations you might want to take that less commonly discussed. Afterall, you only get one honeymoon (or a few, depending on how your life unfolds), and why not ensure the romance is turned up high and the stress or drama turned down low?

Plan Your Honeymoon with These 6 Tips

Enjoy our usual considerations to make while planning your honeymoon:

1. Practice Having Financial Chats

plan your honeymoon

Often when we dream about our honeymoon “someday” it’s the more exciting aspects that come to mind. Skimpy bikinis, long romantic beach walks, all the wine, etc. To ensure your honeymoon is just as delightful as that sounds, listen closely. Discuss the day-to-day finances of your honeymoon beforehand. It’s one thing to have your honeymoon booked and ready to go, it’s another thing to arrive on it and realize that excursions, meals, souvenirs and more are not accounted for financially.

We suggest you come up with a daily budget ahead of time, set aside the allocated money or determine who pays for what before arriving! This way, the expectations are set, and no one has to feel awkward about paying, or not, for various things throughout the newly wedded bliss.

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2. Plan to Disconnect

That picture-perfect image of a couple staring gooey-eyed at one another across a candlelit table while on their honeymoon is shattered as soon as that little “ding” is heard. Yes, the constant connectivity of our age no doubt affects honeymooning couples across the lands. Especially considering that today, the average newly wedded couple has already been dating for years, already lives together, and may even have a child or two.

What we mean is, if you want to keep your honeymoon as magical and present as possible, you may want to discuss putting the phones away as often as possible during your trip. The honeymoon is a chance to connect with each other without the everyday distractions getting in the way. It’s a chance for the two of you to share new experiences and make lifelong memories. By all means, use your phones, but set boundaries, so your sacred time together doesn’t become spoiled!

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3. Tell Your Resort You’re Honeymooning In Advance!

plan your honeymoon

Resorts are well-versed in how to enhance the stay of honeymooners, and if you already know you’re staying at a resort or hotel, send them a note! Who knows, you may find special tokens throughout your room as a congratulatory gift from the resort.

4. Schedule in a Day or Two of Just Resting

For couples intending to honeymoon immediately after the wedding, you will be so thankful to have some relaxing downtime the first day or two. Planning and executing the wedding take a significant toll on the couple’s energy levels. Especially after the waves of emotion experienced on the big day, you will be ecstatic to arrive on your honeymoon with time to just be. While you design your honeymoon itinerary, we highly recommend planning nothing for an entire day, maybe even two!

5. Avoid Boredom

Say what? Boredom on the honeymoon? What even? In all seriousness, many of the popular honeymoon destinations can be… boring. At least after a while. Given a choice, many couples wish to spend at least a week, if not two, on their honeymoon. A week on a tiny Maldivian island with hardly another soul in sight? Hmm, not sure there will be much to do other than sit and gaze into each other’s eyes.

The point here is, few people will advise you to avoid being bored, but we will because it’s good advice! If you know your significant other enjoys being active, then plan to embark on plenty of activities and excursions (side bar, make sure you book your honeymoon someplace with plenty of activities). If you know you’ll want an evening to just binge-watch a TV show with your babe, then download a series on your computer or tablet (or find out what the technology capabilities of your resort are), and do it It doesn’t matter how much or how little you two do, just that you have options for things to do when you want them.

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6. Set Realistic Sleep Expectations

plan your honeymoon

As mentioned, you are going to be exhausted after the big day. We recommend setting the expectation of making sure you both get a goods night rest the first few nights, especially! It will be no fun galavanting around the island, or wherever you are, during the day in a bad mood because you’re both too tired to function.

Trust us; you’ll enjoy your honeymoon infinitely more well-rested. So go ahead, pack the sound machine and your mouth guard, it’s worth it!

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