6 Seriously Compelling Reasons to Dive in Curaçao

diving in curacao

Exploring a destination by land may be the more common way to go about traveling, but for some, under-the-sea is the more satisfying way! If this describes you, then stay tuned as we highlight the scuba diving scene in one the Caribbean’s hidden gems.

Diving in Curaçao

Located in the southern Caribbean, well out of the way of the hurricane belt, and about 40 miles north of South America, lies Curaçao. Curaçao is the “C” in the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. This isn’t to say no one has ever vacationed on Curaçao, hardly, but it’s much less tourist-focused than some of its Caribbean island brethren.

diving in curacao

Now that the new year has begun, the time is ripe to begin plotting which underwater kingdoms you want to peek into this year. We greatly recommend adding Curaçao to your list of dive destinations, and here’s why:

1. Tourism Has Left a Smaller Mark

If you’re a fan of scuba diving, then likely you’re familiar with what happens to scuba sites in popular places; they get destroyed. Curaçao being a less frequented destination has protected some of its dive sites. The sea life, corals, and overall experience aren’t overly polluted by mass dives every single day.

2. Boat Dives or Shore Dives, You Can Have it Your Way

Though Curaçao is not touted as a friendly shore-dive destination, it actually is. Naturally, the tour companies recommend their boat dives, which are exceptional, but if you’re a seasoned diver and can navigate on your own, then you’ll have a ball shore diving! The seas off Curaçao’s shores are reasonably simple to navigate and easy to access.

Some dives that are further out, such as Watamula, require a boat. Since there are numerous reputable dive companies on the island, you’ll be well taken care of!

diving in curacao

3. Diverse Dives

Curaçao boasts over 85 dives, ensuring that vacationers will never run out of dives to enjoy. Whether you prefer to dive shipwrecks, swim with sea turtles, or gaze upon colorful corals, Curaçao has it all.

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4. Excellent Visibility

The teeming underwater life is best enjoyed with great visibility, which is another bonus to diving Curaçao. Visibility is often a whopping 70 feet. On calm days, of which there are many, the visibility has gotten up to 100 feet.

diving in curacao

5. Undisturbed Nature

Though Curaçao is the largest of the three ABC islands, much of its surface area is undisturbed. The vast majority of islanders live closer to the capital, Willemstad, which, sidebar, is super fun part of the island to explore (on land of course!). The entire northern portion of the island is virtually void of people and structures, and as a result is host to some of the most spectacular beaches and dives. You can get away from the hustle and bustle and savor mother nature.

6. Planning is Simple; You Can Visit Year Round

Curaçao is less of a tropical island and more of a desert island. As a result, its climate hardly ever changes. It’s sunny and warm year round. No need to overstress when to visit for best conditions, you can just visit when it’s convenient for you! Water temperatures stay between 79F and 84F. Many divers go without a wetsuit, preferring a rashguard and swim shorts instead.

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Feeling ready to take the plunge, as it were? If you’d like to glance at photos of Curaçao‘s dives and read more about what the most popular dives entail, visit here.

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Happy diving!

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