5 Reasons Why Curacao is an Ideal Destination for a Holiday Vacation

holidays in curacao

When it comes to planning out the holiday season, there are just some years where heading someplace tropical is extremely appealing. Trading in Christmas trees for palm trees and snow for sand can be super satisfying, and we want to help you make your holiday getaway dreams into reality. It’s one thing to consider heading to a tropical locale to celebrate, it’s a whole other thing to settle on the where.

Holidays in Curacao? Yes! Here’s Why

Which is where we come in. Let us explain in five easy points exactly why the Caribbean island of Curacao is the ideal where for your holiday getaway needs.

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Very Few Visitors During Thanksgiving

While traveling in the U.S., for example, is extremely pricey and crowded during Thanksgiving time-frame, it is usually a steal of a deal to get down to the Caribbean. Generally speaking, Curacao is light on visitors throughout November, yet the island is experiencing delightful weather coming out of the rainy season. November is a fabulous time to visit, you’ll feel as though you have the island all to yourselves.

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In general, Curacao is a much more off-the-beaten-track destination than most other islands in the Caribbean. What that means for you and your loved ones is that you won’t be stuck with a kitschy, tourist-focused environment. Curacao doesn’t pander to visitors, but rather offers to share its true spirit with whoever visits. Since the island doesn’t spend a ton of time or resources marketing itself to tourists, it remains relatively uncrowded year-round. Take your time planning well in advance, or book your ticket and jet-off last minute, either way, you’ll have an incredible holiday experience on Curacao.

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Blend of Activities

What we’ve noticed over the years is that Curacao’s array of activities makes it extra appealing to vacationers, especially those with a group. If some of your group wants to swim and play in the sea all day, every day, they can, but if dad and grandpa want to go peruse a museum or two instead, they can. The foodies in your group will be in heaven at the floating market and in the capital, Willemstad. Adrenaline junkies will be satiated with scuba diving, and mountain biking. You can spend your days at the spa refreshing your mind, body, and spirit if you feel so inclined. Whatever you, or anyone else in your group, wishes to do, it can all be done.


Easy to Relax or Not

A holiday vacation means something different to everyone. For some, it means relaxing pool or beachside, the majority of the time. Others wish for more of a blend between action and relaxation, which is what Curacao does best. You can easily switch from a restorative beach lounging day to a sailing adventure across the open sea in search of a nearby abandoned tiny island. Or, spend the first half of your day snorkeling just off the shore of your resort, and the second half dining and drinking gazing down upon the ocean from above.

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Plenty of Space to Be Traditional

Many families, groups, and couples who visit during the holidays still wish to celebrate in traditional ways. For example, those who visit over Christmas may wish to set up a small tree, open gifts, share sweet treats, etc. That is all possible as long as you stay at a resort such as Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort, where the rooms are spacious and the hotel staff are able to accommodate just about anything!

This holiday season, leave it all behind, stress, busy schedule, material goods, and jet over to Curacao for an unforgettable vacation. Spend your days strolling the beach, watching stunning sunsets, and being as active or inactive as your heart desires. Have the island mostly to yourselves, and savor the cheer of the season from one of the most idyllic places on Earth.

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