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5 of Our Favorite Museums on One Idyllic Caribbean Island

curacao museums

Sparkling hues of blue and vibrant sunshine tend to come to mind when imagining a trip to the Caribbean. The ocean, sun, and sand are available in abundance, but on many islands, that’s about it.

Some vacationers are content with laying out pool or beachside all day, every day. Other travelers, we’ve noticed, enjoy sprinkling in a little culture between beach days. In general, Curacao is a lesser known island, hidden away in the southern Caribbean protected from hurricanes.

5 Can’t-Miss Curacao Museums

Even if vacationers have heard of it, many are unaware of Curacao’s rich and colorful history. Because of said history and a fascinating blend of cultures, more than a few excellent museums have developed on the island over the years. As you summer and fall vacation plans, we invite you to consider planning a trip to Curacao and visiting one or more of our favorite museums, which are as follows:

1. Curacao Museum

Though Curacao now boasts more than a dozen museum, the Curacao Museum was the first and only for quite some time. It is set in a traditional Dutch colonial building with original furniture from the 19th century. We appreciate this museum for its ability to give visitors a well-rounded experience of the islands vast history and cultural facets. Visit the website.

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curacao museums
Kura Hulanda Museum

2. Kura Hulanda Museum

As with most countries, not every phase of Curacao’s history was a pleasant one. Kura Hulanda Museum does an excellent job of telling the story of each segment of island inhabitants, including the harrowing tale of the slaves that were brought to the island and their lives after slavery was abolished. Visit the website.

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3. Curacao Maritime Museum

Ships and the sea are, naturally, an enormous part of Curacao’s history and culture, and this museum delves into the topic beautifully. Within this museum, you can journey back 500 years to the beginning of sea navigation and how it changed the course of Curacao and history altogether. Visit the website.

curacao museums
Synagogue Mikvé Israel-Emanuel

4. Jewish Cultural Historic Museum

One of the most surprising chapters in Curacao’s history is that of its Jewish emigres. Without giving away this fascinating story, let us just say that you can learn all about the islands Jewish history while visiting the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas. Visit the website.

5. Savonet Museum

History of the past few hundred years is impressive, but Curacao’s first inhabitants arrived more than 4,000 years ago. The Savonet Museum tells the story of these incredible humans known as the Arawak Indians. Visit this museum to get to know Curacao’s history from the very beginning, at least as far as people are concerned! Visit the website.

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These five museums will provide key insights into the history, culture, and traditions of our small island. For such a small island, the history is long and layered! Most of these museums are located in historical buildings or historical parts of town, ensuring your day trip(s) are filled with discovery!

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