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Destination Unknown: How to Start the Planning Process For Your Dream Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

Palm trees, warm tepid waters, and plenty of delicious fruity drinks – is this a similar picture that’s painted in your mind? If you’re one of the many couples who have their hearts set on a destination wedding, or a honeymoon far, far away, then congratulations! It makes complete sense to want to spend the most romantic and meaningful days of your life in a small slice of paradise. Celebrating one’s union in a new country, with unique landscapes and cultural offerings is a profound experience, and one you’ll remember forever.

Before you begin to let your imaginations run wild, there are a few logistical, functional, and downright helpful things to consider that will ease the planning process. It’s your big celebration, and you want it to be everything you’ve imagined and more, and it will be if proper planning and consideration goes into it.

Exotic “I Do’s” Made Better With a Little Insider Knowledge

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortIt’s crazy to think that a day as special as one’s wedding day can become even more exciting than it already is – but it can. Imagine boarding a plane to a spectacular destination that you’ve chosen, where you’re not only going to get to explore and relax, but you also get to say “I do” to the love of your life! Talk about exciting! To ensure the event happens as you desire, consider a few key elements ahead of time to save potential stress or chaos later.

Where do you want to go? Narrow your choices down to around five locations. How long do you want to travel/make your guests travel? Many of your guests will be taking time off of work so just keep in mind how long the trip to and from will take. Are there a range of price options when it comes to lodging? The more exclusive the location the fewer lodging options there will be. Is there a seasoned wedding planner at the resort that can help you? Getting married in a foreign place has logistical matters that are easier dealt with by someone who lives in the place, and is already experienced. If you begin planning using those questions and more, you’ll feel much more organized.

The Early (Planning) Bird, Gets the Worm

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortHoneymoon… a sweet word to perfectly describe the wonderful first experiences as husband and wife. No matter what, your honeymoon will be a joyous occasion, but here are a few considerations you can make that will smooth out the planning process.

What honeymoon vibe are you looking for? A party scene, a serene retreat, somewhere with lots of adventure…? There are so many options, the world is your oyster after all! Research the seasons and ebb and flow of tourists at the location of your choice. Hurricane season, hot weather, tourist season, rainy season, and even political unrest can all be deterrents of a particular location or a particular time of year. It’s crucial for the success of your honeymoon that you do a bit of research to choose the best time at the best location. Keep in mind that the prices of any given location fluctuate throughout the year, and the most popular resorts may well be booked a year or more ahead of time.

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf ResortYes, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to destination weddings and honeymoons, but the experience you and your sweetheart will have is worth every bit of planning. Everything you’ve dreamed your wedding and honeymoon to be, will come true and even surpass what you could’ve ever thought! Take your time, be thorough and stay true to your heart, and all will fall into place.

If you’ve got your eye on the Caribbean, there are few resorts that offer as much guidance, support, and options as Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort on the idyllic island of Curacao. Contact the expert wedding team at Santa Barbara to get started designing your dream wedding and honeymoon today!

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