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Flawless, Unique, Perfect. Plan Your Off-The-Beaten-Path Honeymoon Now!

In planning your perfect wedding you want everything to be flawless down to the most minute detail. You are striving for a day that is beautiful, unique, and that fits you and your future spouse perfectly. The last thing you want is to follow your event with a cliche honeymoon. 

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Get to Know Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort: Meet Danielle Dunfee

When it comes to corporate meetings and events, there’s the usual way of doing things, and then there’s the think-outside-the-box way. Choosing to gather your team and jet down to the island of Curacao, for example, is an outside-the-box choice and a rewarding one at that!


Four Surprising Reasons Why September is The Month to Plan Holiday Travel

Traveling abroad during the holiday season is incredibly fun. Especially considering that materialism and consumerism are at an all-time high throughout November and December; a retreat to one of nature’s paradises often feels deeply satisfying. When it comes to holiday travel, it is essential that you plan your trip in September. It may seem like the holidays are still a ways off, but we promise they will sneak up on you quickly. Here are our top four reasons to set the task to dream, plan, and book your holiday getaway during September.

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From Mild to Wild – Team Building in a Paradise Called Curacao

Picture this, sparkling turquoise waters, a soft sea breeze, and… shouting. Lots and lots of shouting. What are we talking about? Team building in paradise, aka Curacao, of course! Depending on the team-building activity chosen, you may experience the juxtaposition of Caribbean serenity paired with passionate competition.

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Exploring the Culture of Curacao: A Blend of Dutch and Carribean

One of the most fascinating aspects of visiting the Caribbean is the variety of cultures that interwoven throughout the islands. Many of the islands feature one main culture, but some, such as Curacao, have a mixture of two or more. When choosing which island to at which to vacation, it might be helpful to consider which cultures you’d enjoy exploring. Curacao is a unique blend of both Caribbean and European cultures, and we’re going to share with you the easiest ways to explore both cultures during your visit. 

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Misconceptions about Hosting a Destination Meeting in Curacao

When it comes to choosing a destination for a destination meeting, the are many important considerations. Most of the time, corporations and companies wish to take their teams somewhere tropical, to combine business and pleasure. It’s a way to foster bonding within the organization, while also having quality time to learn, create, and align as a team. Vacation destinations prove useful for such endeavors, and the Caribbean is by far one of the most popular destinations for corporate meetings.

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Have Your Kosher Wedding in The Caribbean, Here’s How

When it comes to getting married, every couple has a different range of wedding details that are must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Having a wonderful photographer and delicious food are often must-haves, versus a live band is a nice-to-have. When it comes to couples who are having a faith-based wedding, there are very important must-haves. Each wedding venue has different protocols for accommodating every wedding party. Today we want to focus on hosting a Kosher wedding, and how we arrange a Kosher wedding here at Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. 


Good stuff Series: Mountain Biking in Curacao

While dreaming about a Caribbean getaway, the average person conjures up images of white sandy beaches, the sparkling bright blue sea, and relaxing with a fruity drink in hand. Right? Those are all components of Caribbean vacationing that are well-loved and for good reason.

Mountain Biking in Curacao

Today, though, we want to offer you a different image, one of equal fun and perhaps even a little more excitement: mountain biking. 

Contrary to what is assumed, there are a variety of land adventures to be had on one specific Caribbean island: Curacao. Of the land adventures, mountain biking is one of our favorites, especially for those who have not yet visited the island.

Why mountain bike?

Touring around Curacao in a car is fun, but because cars move quickly, it can be easy to miss the subtleties and nuances of the island. On a bike, you can cover a lot of terrain while also interacting with the terrain and taking it in on a more intimate level. In short, mountain biking offers more connection with our lovely island. Also, it’s a great combination of adrenaline, fun, and relaxation. You have control over your pace, and you can choose to whiz around or stop and picnic and take in the sights. 

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Where to mountain bike

Curacao has all sorts of fun and exciting trails to explore. You can head inland and explore that landscape, or bike towards and along the coast. Or, if you can’t choose which, do both! There are forts, plantations, mangrove forests, caves, beaches, and more to explore. Not only are there trails all across the island, but Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort also has trails throughout the 2,000 acres of land it sits upon. 

Mountain bike rentals, guides, and more

To book your Curacao mountain bike adventure, you have a few choices. You can rent bikes right here at the resort, or you can book a guided tour from one of the mountain biking companies on the island. 

Are you surprised that Curacao has more to offer than snorkeling and scuba diving? Curacao is an island full of surprises, and we are excited for you to enjoy as many of them as possible! For assistance on arranging a mountain biking experience during your stay, allow our excellent team to assist. Contact us anytime to get the planning started!